My love for architecture began at an early age residing in New Orleans. One of my fondest memories is driving around the city with my mother and taking mental pictures of the creole cottages, bungalow houses, the Spanish and French architecture in the French Quarters, and even the European-style cemeteries. Once home, I would go to my room and recreate those images in my notebook with my #2 pencil. I knew at the age of six what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I was born in New Orleans, but my family transferred to Georgia when I was fifteen. After high school, I attended Southern Tech/SPSU, now known as Kennesaw State University. During my second year of college I worked part-time at HET/HTA. After graduation, I converted to full-time and began my mentorship under Buddy Troy, Matt Turner, and Susan Phillips. Throughout the course of the 20-plus years, I have developed firsthand knowledge of code enforcement policies, worked extensively in the field of Rehabilitation Design and Implementation, and established strong relationships with property developers, owners, contractors, and engineers.

In 2014 Matt, Susan and I formed Hughes Turner Phillips Associates, LLC.

My passion outside the office is with nature. I spend my time hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting with family and friends.  On the weekends, I enjoy taking my boys to Garland Mountain to shoot skeet, watching my little girl dance at her ballet recitals, training my lab to duck hunt and relaxing with my wife (minus my wife’s cats, I don’t care for them).