Architectural Designer


I was born and raised in Valdosta, Georgia, a smaller city 20 miles from the Florida border full of jacked-up trucks and the best barbeque you’ll ever have. My love of architecture started when I was very young, playing with my huge Lego collection pretty much every day. That love was further fostered at a local firm where I worked part time to complete my Eagle Scout project at 15 years old. It was there that I first heard of Southern Polytechnic State University (now Kennesaw State Marietta, but always SPSU to me) and am now about to graduate from there with a Bachelors in Architecture and a minor in Construction Management.

My work experience ranges from a small architecture firm in Valdosta, where I did some of everything, to working for a south Georgia construction company paving asphalt in 100 degree weather in July, to a large scale Atlanta area residential firm where I had the privilege of being the Architectural Project Coordinator for the Atlanta division, and performed a lot of construction administration and site visits. Now I am looking to finish up my degree and my intern hours so I can become a licensed architect, and Hughes Turner Phillips is giving me just that opportunity.

When I’m not working, I love to play any of my 6 guitars for hours on end, play goalkeeper for my intramural soccer team, train for my next half-marathon, and play any sport involving a racquet , from ping pong, to racquetball, to tennis dates with my girlfriend (it’s healthier than going out to eat every time!). I also frequently visit car shows in the area, and love to snap pictures of the vehicles that catch my eye.