Chances are good that we will embark on a project with you that will have us working closely together for the next foreseeable time period; so we believe there are some things you might want to know about our personality and the culture of Hughes Turner Phillips Associates, LLC.  These are those intangibles that can’t be delivered in engineering reports, as-builts, or construction documents but are important to know before you make your agency selection.

We Mean What We Say

There are a lot of promises written onto these pages; and it’s important for you to know that they were chosen carefully and we intend to keep them. When we say you’ll be made to feel like an extension of our team, we mean it. When we say that we are accessible and you can ask as many questions as you want and whenever you want, we mean it.

When we say we have all of the same expertise as the larger, pricier firms but can provide the nimbleness you need to receive quality and efficiency, we mean it. If another agency tells you it can’t be done, before you toss out your dream, call us. If we can’t do it, no one can do it. That is how confident we are in our abilities.

We Are Accessible

We are also unique in that there are not layers of barriers between the partners of Hughes Turner Phillips Associates and our clients. Although we have hand-selected an A-team of creative, talented experts in architecture and interior design, if you want to speak directly to Joe Hughes, Matt Turner, or Susan Phillips, we are a phone call away.

If you can’t reach us immediately, we assure you that we will return your call promptly. We understand timelines and we strive to ensure the timeline of a project is not unnecessarily elongated — however, we will never, ever compromise quality or attention to detail.

We Exceed Expectations

Most our new business comes from happy clients who want to ensure our business achieves the same success we strive to ensure their business achieves. While this is wonderful for both organizations, it means that we have not historically advertised or promoted our services – thus you may not have heard of us before now.

The partners of Hughes Turner Phillips Associates, LLC, have been providing these services for 35 years. Our team is comprised of individuals who have been around as long as the partners, as well as fresh-out-of-school team members. This allows us to provide a broad range of perspectives and ideas in the planning stages for our clients. And we’ll confess — although we curtail ourselves in business meetings, we have enormous fun inside the walls of our organization. We believe it is a large part of what spawns our creativity and desire to deliver the highest quality product — respect for our clients and respect for each other.


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