GOAL: Achieve an approved design floor plan and concept that meets your organization's needs.

We not only want you to make a great first impression, but we want you to have the most efficient environment for workflow and communication.

Our team of architects and designers are experts at space planning and will enthusiastically turn your vision into reality, beginning with schematic design.

To ensure we are addressing your most critical needs, we design the initial concepts real-time in your presence. It is one of the unique approaches we take when you engage with us and it is a favorite amongst our clients.

What We Do

  • Prepare a space plan per your needs and requirements
  • Integrate your culture and values as part of the design

What You Do

  • Be available to discuss the schematic design
  • Review the plans with all stakeholder
  • Submit comments, edits and alteration to our team
  • When you are happy, provide sign-off on the design so we can proceed to the next stage