GOAL: Create a design package with everything needed to secure several accurate contractor bids.

Whether you are the building owner or a contractor, our design development drawings are structured to provide accurate pricing information on your project.

By providing these documents, you can easily manage your budget without the risks associated with unforeseen costs. We have always worked this way — it is one of the many reasons our clients see us as an extension of their own team. We hope you will too.

What We Do

  • Select finishes, fixtures and materials for your approval (including lighting, flooring, wall coverings)
  • Provide developed plans and drawings for approval, including floor plans, elevations and sections to scale
  • Once we have agreed on a general floor plan and some concepts for major design elements, we generate floor plans, ceiling/lighting layouts, interior and elevations showing millwork details.
  • If there are elements of the design that you wanted to include but weren’t sure fit your budget, we’ll include them here as add/alternates so that you can find out where the costs fall and make informed choices about the final design.
  • Once the budget is approved, proceed to the permit construction drawing

What You Do

  • Provide any additional relevant information requested to cost the project
  • Be involved in any value engineering decisions if required